Some things you should know about pepper spray

OC spray can cause severe inflammation over the eyes which will eliminate or at least reduce the vision of any assailant. The chemical is derived from the capsicum pepper. When your assailant is temporarily blinded, they can easily by restrained and you can use this time to escape the dangerous situation. This is a form of self-defense and is not deadly.

The regulations regarding how pepper spray can be used vary from country to country. In most cases, people are allowed to carry pepper sprays for self-defense and nothing else. Most buildings which do not allow visitors to carry weapons don't let them carry pepper spray either. These buildings include all government buildings and courthouses.

These sprays can be bought online and are also available at a number of stores. You will need to be at least 18 years of age in order to buy them though. You can probably get them at any sporting goods shop or police equipment supplier. In order to ensure you don't suffer any penalties, you should find out about all of the laws regarding pepper spray purchases in your area.

Pepper spray strength will vary depending on a number of variables. There are different strengths of spray too each with a different level of effectiveness.

You should always use a spray with caution. Read all of the instructions carefully so that there are no injuries or accidents. There are practice sprays available in the market which you can use to learn how to use this product safely too.

Now that you know the basics about pepper sprays, why don't you carry one already? There's no denying the fact that the streets are no longer safe. Chances are you would have already experienced a crime or know someone who has.

How many such incidents would it take for you to understand that you have to look out for yourself? Most assaults occur when people are alone and you can't always count on someone rescuing you. No one is safe from the thugs on the street.

These occurrences are quite frequent in large cities. Instead of being concerned about your safety all the time, it is recommended that you get yourself a pepper spray instead. It is really cheap and can easily be purchased. So why are you still waiting to get one for yourself? You can even gift them to people who you feel aren't safe. They may not appreciate it at first, but eventually they will come around for sure.

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